Unbeatable 5 year local warranty

Seasonic Products carry a limited 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase. We will be happy to replace your failing or problematic power supply anytime within the 5 year or 7 year (Platinum series) warranty. Take note though that some instances will void your warranty, the examples of which are listed below. 

• Unit is opened in anyway by personnel not authorized by Seasonic/HELIX TECHNOLOGIES

• Power Supply was supplying loads it is not designed to supply power to (Overload)
• Power Supply was supplied with voltage it was not designed to be supplied with. This includes power surges from the mains, or if the unit has signs of being subjected to excess voltage (i.e. Burnt smell) 
• Signs of tampering with the warranty seal and/or the outside casing
• Label has been removed
• Serial number is not available or not readable
• Modification of the connectors which results to replacing the connector adapters with 3rd party adapters. This includes any modification on the cables themselves like exposing the leads.  
• Use of modular cables not manufactured by Seasonic, or supplied by HELIX TECHNOLOGIES INC. 

What the warranty does NOT Cover:

This Limited Warranty only applies to the Power Supply itself, and does not cover any incidental or direct damage to customer’s computer or computer parts attached directly to or being supplied power by the Power Supply. This limited warranty does not in any way provide reimbursement to customers for any component(s) or whole computer system(s) that fails or no longer continues to function as a result of a defect by the Power Supply even if that defect is covered by this limited warranty. Furthermore, this warranty does not cover customer’s data that was damaged/corrupted or lost as a result of the Power Supply. 

Seasonic and/or HELIX TECHNOLOGIES reserve all rights on determining eligibility for replacement under this Limited Warranty.